A Fair'y Fun Weekend

Over the weekend, Alex and I decided to drive 4 hours south on a backroad of central Florida(thanks for that death wish, Google Maps) to meet up with our friends at the county fair of Naples! It was my first time going to a fair in nearly 10 year. Turns out that 10 years is a pretty good amount of time to collect many fears of unusual death. That being said, I rode nothing but had a lot of fun eating fair foods, imagining the day to day lives of the people who travel with the fair, and collecting photos of a whole new environment!

Shaping light

my favorite time of day used to be sunrise. I used to love beating the sun to the start of the day. However, we recently made a move to a new home with a west facing balcony and its changed my outlook on the subject. One of my new favorite things is winding down the day on the balcony and watching all the patterns the sun and our fencing creates. I recently went ahead and got some primo seating so that my little best friend can join me in watching these shapes and colors around 7pm every night.

Road Triplets

I've always loved an excuse to spend long amounts of time in the car. A controlled climate where I'm in complete control of the music, direction, and going into unfamiliar surroundings in a completely familiar vehicle.

Living in Orlando hasn't been the most thrilling experience of my life, but it's amount of liveliness makes the 2 hour drives to Tampa feel really exciting.  Especially when my favorite Tampa pet friendly hotel has rooms available, and someone/ band I enjoy braves the swampland of Florida to play! 

This weekend we:

  • packed up the pup and headed to Tampa to go see Patton Oswald  make fun of an accountant in the audience, a clown from Silverlake, Donald Trump, and Florida.
  • ate dinner at a restaurant called Ava.  Home of fancy pizzas, perfectly grilled octopus, and a steak so good that every bite was described to me as the best bite of anything Alex had ever had.
  • fed Harvey his first ever serving of wet dog food, which he went crazy for and the animal biproduct-y smell nearly made Alex hurl.
  • did NOT visit Taco Bus, for the first trip ever.
  • took Harvey to a puppy beach to make some friends and dig his claws into some sand
  • waited 40 minutes to sit outside at Daily Eats, where I got some delicious Mexican breakfast bowl , Alex got a delicious Californian breakfast bowl, and Harvey got some floor scraps of the person who was previously seated at our table
  • got lured way off the highway by a sign advertising a flea market complete with a free circus and a live gator feeding! 
  • listened to more than enough 90's alternative music, for the next….week or so...