A Fair'y Fun Weekend

Over the weekend, Alex and I decided to drive 4 hours south on a backroad of central Florida(thanks for that death wish, Google Maps) to meet up with our friends at the county fair of Naples! It was my first time going to a fair in nearly 10 year. Turns out that 10 years is a pretty good amount of time to collect many fears of unusual death. That being said, I rode nothing but had a lot of fun eating fair foods, imagining the day to day lives of the people who travel with the fair, and collecting photos of a whole new environment!

Rubble Bubble in San Pedro


San Pedro is one of the rare peninsulas where one gets to see both sunrise and sunset over the horizon on the same day without traveling. I saw neither of these things because on the gloomy afternoon I ventured out there with my friend Derek, we were only there to climb around the crumbly area called Sunken City. 


Sunken City got its name after a 1929 landslide caused a community of houses to slide into the ocean. Dereks been going there for long enough that he's able to point out that the concrete and rocks are still sliding ever so slightly throughout the years. However, when we were there it proved that it was still stable enough for people to go down there for some underage drinking and graffiti practice!

It's closed off to the public but..like..sorta. There IS a fence around the parameter of the area, but between pried bars and large gaps between the fence and floors, its pretty much the city of San Pedro saying "I mean, you probably shouldn't go there, but we get the appeal so hey..."

We had a lot of fun climbing rocks and dodging mud puddles from the active rain. We had less fun realizing that we may be getting too old to jump for photos with the gusto we used to. That being said, I hope you enjoy these solidly grounded photos of our trip.