Remembering my favorite star dust

When I found out about David Bowie as a kid, he was the first person to show me that you didn't have to act, dress, or create things to be easily digested by other people. He was just who he was and created what seemed right for him and I've never stopped being inspired by his life. I was in love with his brain. I was SO in love that I had dreams of marring him and having the silliest wife name in all the land of matrimony! I would be Mrs. Chloe Bowie. ( I just sighed as I typed it)

It's been a year since David Bowie died and seeing the creative ways that people shared their sadness over it, was just as inspiring to me. I had about an hour to spare and wanted to post something from my brain that he helped mold. The animation I came up with is quick and shoddy but it was so satisfying to get it out.


It was a Super Tuesday!


I've never felt so passionate and fascinated by an election, as I have before our most current one. For "Super Tuesday", I wanted to create something that would remind my followers that its their time to vote!!! I did so by trying to make friends of each of the participating states, and let people know that if their state was shaped like one of these guys, then get out and vote! Our opinion counts now more than ever.


This year, I found some time to participate in "draw-loween" where every day, a Halloween related key word is posted on Instagram for you to draw your own version of. 

I can't seem to NOT think in puns, so I had a lot of fun making these Halloween characters that were mainly just a play on words…