The last tree lighting of the season


It's taken me forever to take down my Christmas tree and now that its gone, I kind of miss it. I've been reminiscing by going back though tree photos from last month. Although I didn't take many photos of my own tree, I did take the opportunity to drive around neighborhoods in the Bay Area looking for the perfect outdoor tree to take photos of. 

Alex and I found this one somewhere outside of Walnut Creek, CA. We parked the car, I set my camera up on the hood of the car, and we ran over to the tree to paint with light from our cell phones while the camera took 30 second exposures. 

It may look like I'm calling this tree crappy, because of the letters surrounding it, but we actually loved this little tree so much that we light'ly carved our initials into it! (C.R. & A.P.)



It was a Super Tuesday!


I've never felt so passionate and fascinated by an election, as I have before our most current one. For "Super Tuesday", I wanted to create something that would remind my followers that its their time to vote!!! I did so by trying to make friends of each of the participating states, and let people know that if their state was shaped like one of these guys, then get out and vote! Our opinion counts now more than ever.